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Counselling for the LGBTIQA+ Community

There are many positive reasons for having a therapist, counsellor or psychotherapist who is from the gay community. There are specific issues that we face that require a genuine level of empathy that is much more likely when talking to someone who 'gets you' and your situation. Our lifestyles, life-choices, social settings and certain dynamics all play a very important role when brought into the therapeutic space. Many of my clients have come to me from other counsellors/clinical psychologists who have unfortunately not had enough or any experience with the LGBTIQA+ community - they found that there was a disconnect and a lack of understanding of 'our world'. This is where I can hopefully help. I look forward to hearing from you. 

As well as my private practice ( I also volunteer for a gay charity helping with events and telephone counselling. I have created a program for clinicians to use when working with LGBTIQA+ clients at headspace, Campbelltown around mental health and the LGBTIQA+ community - helping people to understand some of the things that make the LGBTIQA+ community unique. This has recently been used to form a program which I have trained psychologists and other community workers to use. My work at headspace, Campbelltown included anxiety and depression support groups and group therapy for the LGBTIQA+ community. I also work with schools to help them with LGBTIQA+ awareness as well as mental health and suicide awareness. 

Please also ask about any yoga sessions as I am a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor - yoga can be excellent for our mental health as well as physical health - connecting our mind, body and soul.

Whilst that might sound busy, I space my work out so that I can achieve a healthy work-life balance. I only see a maximum of 4 clients per day with breaks in between so that I can ensure I am full of energy and focus to work productively with clients. You won't notice any back-to-back clients or any late starts to your session times because of this - this is something I feel is very important.

I was selected by Stonewall.Live in March/April 2020 to be their LGBTIQA+ community hero and interviewed on two of their shows. The focus of these interviews was on how to keep our mental health positive during COVID-19 isolation and lockdown - videos below.

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